The talent we have is the Talisman.

We gather here, in an atmosphere of serene attention, to encourage and support each others talent. You are not here if you do not have the talent.

Writers need two things: we need a deadline, and we need to know someone we trust is waiting to hear these few pages. We read our pages because we can tell by the sound of the listening when our voice is true and when it is not.

We are troubadours, and require each others appreciation. We do not write to pay the rent, But if we do not write well the rent will not get paid--not because the writing pays the rent, necessarily, but because if we do not  write, we will not fuel the drive, the confidence, and the gumption to find the other work which will.

...When you read to me, I hear a voice I love telling me a story. And I am safe.

Here is a little bit about who we are and what we do...